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Pro Tile and Grout Cleaning by Paul's Tile Cleaning Melbourne

Get all Benefits of Using Paul’s Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne

Hire our tile and grout cleaning service in Melbourne today. We have the experience and the know-how to get your tiles shining and your grout looking like new! You will get:

  • Proven tile and grout cleaning expertise
  • Certificated and well-seasoned technicians
  • Excellent reputation all across Melbourne & the area
  • 24 hour customer service online and over the phone
  • Eco-friendly, child and pet-friendly solutions 
  • Established cleaning business
  • Flexible booking slots to suit your every need

Why Hire our Experts for Your Tile Cleaning?

Grout used for filling joints and cracks is a magnet for dirt and absorbs it like a sponge. It traps mildew, bacteria and mould, causing it to discolour and smell. Fortunately our tile cleaners have the skills and the technology to clean and deodorise all of your grouting in an efficient and timely manner. Paul’s team of tile cleaning experts will use non-toxic solutions and powerful machinery to ensure a deep, long-lasting clean. Alongside that, we also have:

  • Fully insured workforce, Tile & Grout Cleaning in Melbourneso when we’re on your premises your home is completely safe
  • Professional advice on further floor and hard surfaces maintenance which will complement the tile cleaning
  • Special procedures for dealing with scratches and unsightly marks on your tiles
  • Protective solutions which will seal your grout and preserve your hard floors for much longer

Check out the kind of results out tile cleaners in Melbourne deliver by by going to our gallery page.


Paul's Tile Cleaning Melbourne Robert Edmunds

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The grout all over our house was in a very bad condition – dirty and shabby. When I called Paul's Tile Cleaning Melbourne,...
Paul's Tile Cleaning Melbourne Claire Trouette

If you want clean and shiny tiles, these are the guys to call! We have a dog, so our tiles usually get dirty faster than...
Paul's Tile Cleaning Melbourne Laura Gould

I've used your services a couple of times now, and every time you manage to execute everything with perfection and great...
Paul's Tile Cleaning Melbourne Blake Townsend

I didn't even know the grout of my tiles was white before your cleaners showed me. Very impressed with your skills and knowledge!...
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We Deliver Quality with Every Tile & Grout Cleaning Session

Tile and Grout Cleaning in MelbourneHave you ever tried cleaning the tiles and scrubbing the floors by hand? It doesn’t work very well, does it? That’s because cleaning a hard, porous surface is next to impossible if you don’t have the proper equipment. We, on the other hand, do. So whether your type of floor – marble, granite, terracotta, vinyl, etc., the trained tile cleaners will provide a reliable cleaning that will leave your floors spotless.

Below you can find out more about the tile and grout cleaning service and how we deliver a superb quality with every single booking.

Step 1. Determine What is Your Type of Floor

First thing Paul’s tile cleaning experts will do when they arrive is to identify the type of surface or tile in your home. Why is this important? Because doing that will allow us to determine the correct and most effective cleaning method.

Step 2. Application of Cleaning Solutions

To get you the best results possible and restore the original condition of your hard floors, the tile and grout cleaners use specialised detergents, proven over time. The formula of the cleaning solutions we use ensures they get well inside the treated surface to remove the dirt buildups. That way we not only ensure your hard floors look much better, but we also prolong their lifespan.

Melbourne Pauls Tile Cleaners Before AfterStep 3. Scrubbing the Cleaning Solutions in & Washing the Surface

What makes professional tile cleaning better is that we use specialised rotary machine & hot water to scrub the detergents well into the treated surface. It loosens the dirt and grime and we then vacuum them off.

Step 4. Wash & Dry

To give your hard floor the spotless finish you’re looking to get, our tile cleaning equipment also rinses the floors and dries them out.


Paul’s Tile Cleaning Melbourne offers you a thorough floor care, including grout cleaning, concrete cleaning, tile stripping & sealing, vinyl stripping & sealing, tile buffing, as well as pressure cleaning.

Hint: Making a multiservice booking gets you a personalised discount. Call right now & take advantage of a free consultation and a no-obligation price estimate.